Keep Climbing that Steep Mountain

Do you ever struggle with which way to go? With the question of what does God want for me vs what everyone else wants for me? I was having one of these moments recently, not confused by any means [...]

Why I Started “Story by Faith”

When I found myself literally on the floor; broken, dizzy and feeling completely incapable; I wondered if God could ever use someone so pathetic. I was 8.5 months pregnant with my third child and [...]

A Wife’s Veteran’s Day Message

For me when I think of Veterans Day, I not only think of men and women like my husband, but I also think of the spouses and families who have sacrificed greatly for this country. We all carry the [...]

Raising Warriors Through Loss

I did not have a blog post planned until late evening September 10, 2017. I was sitting down at the table chatting with Scotty after we had put the boys to bed (or so we thought!). We both heard [...]

Do you have vision for yourself?

Vision. Why is it so hard to find it for myself? As women, as mothers, wives, or gals just trying to figure out life and careers, it can be exhausting and overwhelming to see the best in our [...]

Reinventing Ourselves Through Change

Being willing to embrace change gives you the opportunity to live with no regrets. It’s not easy or even close to perfect, but God just wants a willing heart that does not fear life’s inevitable [...]

Unity, President Trump and the 4th

I’m remiss to write about politics and really what I am about to say has nothing to do with politics, it’s more about America and what it means to be American. However, it feels like all [...]

Committed to The Right Things

I was having a hard week, I was beating myself up over everything. I hadn’t worked out in over a month, my eating habits were terrible, I got sick and was not accomplishing the business goals I’d [...]



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