10 Things Military Spouses Wish You knew

I had the honor of being a military wife. I say the word honor because it was my biggest honor. My country called upon Scotty and me, and we had the privilege of answering that call. Of course, there was incredible hardship and sacrifice, but when I look back at those days, all I see is a privilege. And one of the greatest honors was earning the title of “military wife”, how incredible to be able to name myself among some of the strongest women I have have ever known.  

From the moment I said goodbye to Scotty on his first deployment, I have had the privilege of being surrounded by some of our nation’s most resilient, supportive, brilliant women. These ladies have guided me, prayed for me, directed me and showed me what it means to be truly full of faith when all seems lost; never wavering, strong as steel, yet so full of grace. They are the ones that show up when it is least convenient and give when they are running on nothing themselves. They smile through the pain and find joy in things that truly matter. I consider it a privilege, a blessing and a gift to have been surrounded, mentored and prayed for by military spouses.

As we honor Military Spouse Appreciation Day, I wanted to highlight 10 things about these amazing women that you might not know.

Here are 10 things Military Spouses wish you knew.

  1.  Our husband’s business trips last for years and involve the risk of life, eyesight or limb.
  2. We hold down homesteads and raise resilient kids
  3. Most of our ideas, plans, conversations go down at the park, military parks are the best!
  4. Military Spouses serve our country too (support staff)
  5. You will never find a military spouse complaining, you will only find them adapting and overcoming. Through moves, new jobs, deployments, tragedy, changing schools etc, you will only see resilience.
  6. We are world travelers and adventurers, nothing scares us because we’ve seen it all! You also want to be friends with us because we know the best shopping, food, and activities across the country.
  7. Helping others is just part of our DNA, service to country breeds a humility to serve others.
  8. We endure. Military spouses are resilient, caring, giving and selfless.
  9. We know how short and fickle life can be. We cry, pray and bleed together and the bond never leaves us.
  10. Home is not a physical structure, home for military spouses is wherever your family and friends are, wherever that may be around the world.

Once a military spouse, always a military spouse.




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