It had been almost 2 years since Scotty’s injury, we’d spent the last couple years in and out of hospitals and homes. Things were starting to settle down and I was starting to feel like I was getting my self back. My first step to becoming stylish again was to try out some bold red lipstick. I mean why not, I was ready for a comeback and what could be a better first step than some gorgeous bright red lipstick? Granted, I had never actually worn red lipstick, but I was obviously at a pivotal point in my life and I was ready for a change and a statement, and boy did I make one!

I was very thoughtful about my choice. I read in Real Simple Magazine about choosing the right red for your skin tone, hair color, etc. I thoroughly read the article and the best choice for me was a very beautiful color called Chanel Rouge. So I march my soon-to-be-wearing-red-lipstick self down to purchase the very expensive red lipstick. I thought it looked great, granted my husband could not see it, which may have given me the extra confidence to bring it on our upcoming vacation to see family.

I arrived to visit my family and I was very excited to share the Chanel Rouge with my mom and sister, they didn’t seem as thrilled as I had hoped they would be, but oh well, it was new to me. I told them all about how it matched my skin tone and hair, and how I read all about making sure you buy the right color and then I applied, and I applied, and I re-applied, all day long I did this. I got some funny looks from my mom and sister but I thought, hey they are just wishing they had some nice red lipstick too. That evening we had an event where we met up with my dad. He looked at me a little weird, but oh well, I thought it must be my new look, wow it is making a statement!


I mingled around this event chatting and laughing with many friends and acquaintances. It was all wonderful until I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

Where did Ronald McDonald come from?!?!

I was horrified. I had red lips up to my nose and down to my chin, it had smudged all over my face. I quickly wiped it off. Ran to my mom discretely shouting why did you not say something, she said she tried but that I just kept reapplying. All the funny looks were people wondering if I got a new gig as a clown! Oh my word. Lesson learned! If you feel like turning over a new leaf, try something other than red lipstick.  

I still have my special red lipstick and on my 30th birthday my mom and sister stole it from me and showed up with it on. I love my red lipstick and every time I see it I laugh at my self and my short go at red lips. It reminds me not to take life too seriously and who knows? I may need to put it on again.



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