Always get back up

As a little girl I grew up with horses right in my back yard. I had shetland ponies, quarter horses and racing horses, and a normal day often included hoping on bare back, squeezing tight and holding onto the mane for dear life as we rode around like crazy.  We loved our horses.  One day, much to my delight, my Dad brought me home my very own horse, I got to name it and it’s name fit it so well. He was a white horse with gray speckles, so I named him Sun Cracker, and if you don’t believe people live up to their names, you should believe pets sure do!

I was out in the arena riding with my dad and Sun Cracker got spooked, reared up and literally kicked me off and into the railing. I was hurt, upset and I cried and cried, it was my first lesson in never quitting.  I wanted to run for the house and never ride my horse again. But my Dad, being the experienced horseman that he is, knew that you always have to get back on a horse that bucks you off. If you don’t, it will try to buck you off every time. I remember crying and crying and not wanting to do it, but my dad was insistent, so I got back on. I was scared as heck, but Sun Cracker did not buck me off. That was until I was at a rodeo and won a ribbon which spooked Sun Cracker again and he took off throwing me into the railing, this time I knew just what to do, I went against all my pride, pain and fear, and I got back on.  

Looking back now at those pivotal moments with Sun Cracker and my Dad, It was a life lesson preparing me for what would come. It taught me to always get back up, even if I’m scared out of my pants, and get back on that horse. Life is like a horse and if you don’t get back up when it bucks you off, the next kick will hurt you more than the first.

Sun Cracker came into my life to teach me that I could do hard things, and that in life when we get back up, it shapes us, and helps us to move forward with more strength and wisdom than we had before.



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