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I was in the kitchen last summer chatting with Scotty and I said, “Scotty, do you hear that? What in the world are the boys doing?”

He responded, “I wouldn’t worry about it, it sounds like someone is doing construction in the neighborhood.”

Wait What! No, it was our boys, three of them to be exact, banging large sticks against the house and glass railings. I have to believe a pack of three girls would not think to bang sticks on a house, maybe they would. However, my boys live so free, fearless and honest that I can’t help but laugh at their ideas and I can’t help but learn from them too. It is how God created them. One thing I love about my boys,  is how they are the most forgiving honest little creatures, they teach me to how to forgive and forget.   

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Even though I’ve been on the wrong end of many questioning looks at the park… at the grocery store, from strangers and non-strangers, what have you, they are BOYS and yes, they may not be the most groomed or quiet (and yes, that may be my little guy sprinting down the baked goods aisle), but boy moms take note, we would not want them any other way! I know it gets exhausting and tiring at times and yes, there were even times when I cried because I did not know what to do with my strong willed, fearless little boy and many of my days are spent just trying to keep them alive, but take heart and keep training, keep loving, keep doing what you are doing, because one day you’ll see your rambunctious little boys turn into the most loving, respectful, forgiving, Godly and caring gentleman and it will all be worth it.   

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