I was having a hard week, I was beating myself up over everything. I hadn’t worked out in over a month, my eating habits were terrible, I got sick and was not accomplishing the business goals I’d made for myself. “What a loser,” is what I kept telling myself.

While I did work out all winter, which was a major win for me, all that work only to fall off the wagon a few months later. “See I told myself you can never stay committed to something.”

As I began down this path of self destruction, God showed me something amazing that renewed my mind and spirit. He showed me that I was allowing the enemy to keep me from being who God called me to be.  

I know so many amazing, God fearing, hardworking, compassionate women who are struggling with the same thoughts. Often I feel these feelings are amplified simply from a comment or something in gest from someone else. I mean why do I let one little thing affect so much of me, mentally, spiritually and physically?   

The good news is that I do believe we can change all of this!  

The scripture that spoke to my soul on that day and continues to minister to me daily is “For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually mind is life and peace.” Romans 8:6.

I don’t know about you but I want as much peace as I can get in my life. As I reflected on this scripture I began to realize all the things I was hyper focused on were very carnal; my workout routine, my eating habits, goals for work; not that God does not want me to be good at those things, but we must keep it all in perspective.  

I felt the spirit of peace and life telling me, “My sweet child you are committed to all the right things. You love me, you serve your husband every day,  you encourage, pray for, care for and support him. Not only that, but look at the beautiful children I have given you. You have fed them, prayed for them, provided them countless opportunities to grow and learn, and most importantly, you have taught them about me, my sweet child these are the things I want you to be committed to.”  

This totally opened my eyes to the fact that as women we often have the right priorities, the problem is that these priorities usually aren’t in line with what the world is telling us should matter. We compare ourselves to what other women are doing on Instagram, or the blogger we follow or the article we read; we see the unrealistic standards for beauty and the expectations to be a perfect business woman AND mom. It’s no wonder that we start feeling like a failure and beating ourselves up.

How freeing to know God has called us to something totally different. 

In my renewed view of commitments, I know the Lord will guide and show me how to be committed to all those other carnal things, because I know he cares about my work, visions, hopes and dreams, but in the meantime, I’m beyond grateful that he spoke to me in my moment of weakness. As women, we’ve been asked to “do a lot”, but with His help and strong foundation I know God will guide us all to give peace and life to ourselves, our families and friends, our communities, cities and this world.



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