Italian Dinner Platter

Sometimes going out to eat for a date night is just not an option, so Scotty and I have started doing Italian Dinner platter date night, and it turns out we like it more than going out!  

This is so fun especially during the warm summer and fall months, our boys are even growing to love it with us. But our favorite is to make it a date night, we feed the kids early, put them to bed, then we get to enjoy a fabulous Italian platter with good wine in peace (well mostly!).

Italian Dinner Platter

Here’s how you can make it, and don’t worry it couldn’t be simpler!

I like to find a deli and get freshly sliced pepperoni and salami, along with our favorite cheeses. Flagship is our favorite right now, Cougar Cold is another and our favorite from Trader Joe’s is the Creamy Toscano soaked in Syrah. We add nuts of choice, sometimes goat cheese and always fresh bread from the bakery.  I also like to find an olive bar at a grocery store or wine shop and add specialty olives throughout the platter.  

Italian Dinner Platter

Our favorite olive oil is from San Saba Olive Oil Company, I love the Basil Infused and Scotty loves the Garlic Infused. This is truly the best stuff and you can order it online too!!!!

The Italian platter is so fun, so tasty and so simple, so no one is stressed before date night (which is never a good place to start!).

Italian Dinner Platter



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