“A great maturity opens in the human psyche, when we accept that we can control our impulses by conditioning our thoughts, and that we alone are responsible for our emotions and reaction in life” The Motivation Manifesto -Brendon Burchard


Listen to the thoughts in your head.

For many years I was feeding what I thought was a cute little puppy dog, over the years that innocent puppy grew and grew until it became a wolf that bit my head off.

Through my journey, I came to realize that I had been feeding the dog destructive words, things like, “you’re not good enough, you’re too busy, you’re not a good wife, not a good mom, you should be doing this, you ought to do that, your business should be better.” Before I knew it, the dog’s appetite for those harmful words was more and more ravenous until that tiny dog turned into a gigantic wolf that eventually swallowed me up.

I owed it to God, my husband, my kids and my family to change the way I was viewing myself, and most importantly, I owed it myself. I began to make lists of the words I was saying to myself and yikes! I realized the only solution was to counteract those thoughts with empowering words. This game had two sides and I was bound and determined to win, and you should be too. Don’t let your puppy dog grow into a bloodthirsty wolf, stop yourself now. Make a list, one side empowering words and the other side destructive words. Pay attention to it and keep a tally of what you find yourself saying.

God has given us everything we need for every situation in our life, through Him we can have full confidence. We can do all things through Him that gives us strength. What a promise!




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