How I Fight for Joy-

I’ll be totally honest, joy is a hard subject for me to write about. I don’t always feel it and I don’t always have it, it’s truly a fickle thing. There were definitely moments in my life when joy felt completely unattainable in the circumstances I was facing, and then there were moments when I realized it was there all along, I just had to fight to uncover it.

Just the other day it was raining and cold outside, Scotty was out of town, the boys were arguing constantly and I hadn’t been able to accomplish any of the goals or tasks on my to-do list in days, it caught up to me and I felt zero joy.

It’s in these moments, and I know we all have them, that I have discovered that joy only comes when we make a conscious decision to fight for it. We have to pray that God would help us understand He is working all things for our good. And in those long and monotonous days, the days we don’t know how we will get through, we can trust Him and rely on him to bring joy in the darkness.

I also think it helps to pause for a minute and reflect on the goodness in my life; my family is healthy, my husband has a job and I have my favorite chipotle chili in the crockpot. Finding the goodness in even the smallest details of your life makes such a difference in that pursuit of joy. 

Slowly that joy begins to shine through, and I truly believe when you’ve fought hard to find joy, it is so much sweeter and prepares you for the next battle.

I use the word “fight” because it is a true battle, some days you can sit back and easily feel the pure light of true joy, other days your joy will seem a trillion miles away without a single hint of returning. Just know that it is out there, all you have to do is set your mind to finding it.



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