Do you ever struggle with which way to go? With the question of what does God want for me vs what everyone else wants for me? I was having one of these moments recently, not confused by any means but just grappling with trust, is that quiet whisper I’m hearing God’s voice or my own ambitions and desires? How do you differentiate which one?

Yes, prayer and Scripture should be our first stop, but what happens when you don’t get the burning bush or the neon arrow pointing you in the right direction in flashing lights?

On this particular day, I was not really expecting anything, I was grappling with my own heart. I decided to go on a hike at a small mountain near where we live to clear my head. It was cold and I had no gloves, so my hands were freezing and as I climbed higher the wind started whipping.

I wanted to quit, I was cold and my lungs were burning and when I got about halfway up my music died. I was frustrated that on top of being freezing cold, my stupid phone died, it was funny because I had just been listening to the song from King and Country with the lyrics that go like this, “Where does my help come from? I look up to the mountains, does my strength come from the mountains, no my strength comes from God who made heaven and earth and the mountains.”

It was beautiful to be climbing this mountain motivated by this song and now I had no motivation, and the wind was biting my face! I considered just turning around, but I convinced myself to keep going because I was so close to the top. I pressed on, jaded. But then I reached the top and walked around to the summit, I looked up over the beautiful hills and saw the magnificent Mt. St. Helens standing so strong and bold.  I scanned to my right saw the top of Mt Rainier peaking over the clouds.

Then I realized, this is exactly why God wanted me to climb this mountain. He had a gift for me at the top.

He was urging me to go because He would take me to the top of the mountain, He had a plan. I wanted to cry, I took a mental picture, it is seared into my heart and immediately the scripture came to my mind,  “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21.  

I did not deserve anything because of my negative attitude. But what does God do? He shows up when we least expect it, he gives us a glimpse of Himself, he gives us hope.

I want to encourage you, sweet friend, to keep climbing that mountain. It may look impossibly steep, and the wind may be whipping you all about and maybe you’re hearing a voice that is telling you you’re underprepared and you should just quit. But today I encourage you to keep going, keep walking and keep climbing. You never know what will be revealed to you once you reach the top.  



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