Lessons from an Airport Chick-fil-a

He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes. He who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.

-Chinese Proverb

I have always admired how Scotty is never afraid to ask questions, whether it’s for directions, guidance or help. Soon after his injury he realized he would never survive alone and knowing when to depend on others was the key to his success. I have watched him overcome so many obstacles and part of that is never being afraid to strike up a conversation. He asks questions to anyone. He once said that he will ask anyone for directions, whether it’s a little kid or a grown adult. I see the value in his attitude and I do believe this humility is what has accelerated his success, or at least has saved him a lot of time!

I became keenly aware of this for myself on a recent trip we were on. Moving to the West Coast has greatly decreased my consumption of Chick-fil-a, this is hands down my favorite place to stop no matter where I am, if they have a Chick-fil-a, I am there! Living on the East Coast for 10 years allowed this habit to grow. Let’s be real, nothing beats the chicken sandwich, waffle fries and sweet tea! I crave this stuff. So anytime we travel I try to scope it out, there are only a handful of airports that have Chick-fil-a in their food court and believe me, I know which ones.

However we were on a layover in a new city, we stepped off our plane and I spotted a nice looking man with a Chick-fil-a bag enjoying his drink and chicken sandwich. I immediately perked up. “We have to find this!” I told Scotty.

Scotty said “Just ask him where it is.”

I said, “Oh its probably just in the food court, lets head that way.”

Well, heading this way led to a mile walk (and that’s not a joke!) and a huge food court without a Chick-fil-a in sight! I grabbed a map and lo-and-behold the Chick-fil-a was a mile away, right back at the terminal we just left.

So being bound and determined to get it before our flight left, we rushed the mile and back only to find the Chick-fil-a with a huge line, and me seriously contemplating whether its worth missing a flight over. We did get our chicken sandwich and I scarfed it on the way to our boarding flight. Later that night, I took off my shoes (which were shoes I wore all the time and had never given me blisters) only to discover that I had two huge blisters on each foot from our trek across the entire airport. I paused and thought, if only I would have just asked that nice gentleman from the beginning, he would have directed me right to it and saved us time, miles and blisters!

In business, in life, in motherhood, ask questions, your friend, neighbor, or stranger may hold the key to helping you move forward effectively and more efficiently than trying to find the way on your own. I think I proved the Chinese proverb rings true.



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