Lightbulbs in Darkness

I recently walked into our bathroom on the main floor, I turned on the light switch but no light came on, then I remembered that there hadn’t been working light bulbs in here for over a month, there are no windows, so literally it was pitch black. Yet no one in our family complained about it, obviously Scotty doesn’t care, and even though the three boys use this bathroom everyday to shower, change and go to the bathroom, they hadn’t said a word.

But then I remembered, being in the dark is not a strange thing to any of them. I remember when Grady was about 6 months old, Scotty said he’d go give him a bath, which I thought was great. A lot of time passed so I was yelling for Scotty, not sure which bathroom they were in. When I heard his voice I went in and yes, he was giving Grady a bath, but it was pitch black, no lights! Duh, I thought, why would Scotty turn on the lights? Out of fear, I quickly flipped on the light only to witness a wiggly, happy, joyful little 6-month-old in his little bath chair having the best time!

I mean, pause and think about giving your baby a bath in the dark!

Scotty proved something to me that day, that maybe some of the things that appear the scariest are not scary at all. Most kids grow up being afraid of the dark, yet as my boys got older they would request baths in the dark because they loved them, it was an adventure, and today they think nothing of taking a shower in the dark. Something that could be a fear is something they are used to dealing with, almost daily.

On my to-do list this week is to go to Lowe’s and get some light bulbs, not that anyone else in this family cares, but I think our guests might find it a tad strange to go the bathroom in the dark!



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