Make the Spa Day a Work Day-

I have learned the hard way that taking a break is a must! As moms, wives and women working wherever we work, we need time to renew and refresh. For so many years I believed the lie that if I took time for myself I was being selfish. Once I said goodbye to this guilt a whole new world of freedom, peace, love, creativity and joy opened up for me. I’ve made the happy discovery that spa days SHOULD be work days.


It sounds crazy, I know, but it may be the best thing for you. I’m naturally a doer, I just function better that way. In high school, I would go to school, basketball practice, then head to a job, home by 8:30 for homework and off to bed to start all over again the next morning. I even remember my first paycheck had to go to one of the ladies I was working for because I backed my 1980 BMW into her new Suburban and scratched the bumper….ahhhh geez! I should have quit then, but I loved working, I loved accomplishing tasks.

In college, I would wake up at 5am and workout at the gym, then head to class all day and then go to soccer practice. I thrived on doing, and honestly, it is what helped me survive the tragedy Scotty and I went through. But through the years of all my “doing,” I have learned the very important skill (because it is something I had to develop) of rest and taking breaks. My husband always tells me that I never just turn off, and it’s probably true, but it is also how God made me unique, just like all of you, we all have our unique skills and gifts. I just had to learn that I must take breaks. Recently my wonderful and amazing husband, knowing just what I needed, scheduled a spa day for me, and at first I was sort of annoyed. Thinking, I don’t have time for that, I’m paying someone to watch my kids, and you’re scheduling me a spa appointment! Well, he knows me too well, and what I actually discovered is that I think better, operate more efficiently and have far more creativity after some good rest.

I was sitting in the spa with nothing to do, and I actually loved it. I forced myself to go early and enjoy the serenity room to relax with no agenda, I got in the steam room and just sat and a whole new sense of joy and thankfulness came to me. I could hardly believe it, all my hard work made sense to me in that moment. I was in that sweet spot where I was completely relaxed, yet still creating in my mind. It was like all my dreams were coming true. The place you find relaxation might not be the spa, but I want to stress the importance of taking time for yourself, take a walk everyday, or a run (I do that too) find ways to “take a break” and they might actually prove to unlock your passion and expose extraordinary dreams to you.   



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