Memorial Day is a special weekend when the whole country takes time out to spend time with friends and family, have BBQs and relax, but the meaning behind it is far more important than bon fires and an extra day off.

It is a day to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. For those who believed so much in the freedom that all of us enjoy every single day, that they were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice so we can have those BBQs and enjoy that time with your family.

This weekend, Scotty and I, would like to challenge everyone to spend at least 15 minutes thinking and praying about how you might help our military families. Maybe you could have an intentional conversation with your kids, maybe you could donate money to a trusted charity or spend some quality time in prayer lifting up the children of fallen warriors.

15 minutes is not a long time, but it’s enough time to make an impact, especially if we all join in. 

Here are some of our favorite charities who do amazing things for military families and Veterans:

Help us spread the word and use the #MemorialDay15 to show us how you are giving 15 minutes this weekend to think about how you can serve those who give everything for this country.

Let’s make this Memorial Day far more meaningful than just a BBQ!



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