fight for joy,

From the moment I received the life changing phone call about Scotty’s injury,  I’ve felt God’s presence. I remember thinking if Scotty dies or if he lives, all I have is Christ in my life, I have to CHOOSE joy and fight for it. I would get up and go to his hospital room and fight for it every day.

Looking back at my journal from that time, my writings were so very positive, I focused on the good. Scotty was paralyzed on the right side of body, so one of my journal entries said, “Scotty moved his right toe today, isn’t that AWESOME!!!” I had to choose to be thankful, people would visit and say that he seemed to be way worse than what I had described. It’s not that I fabricated what was really going on, it’s just not what I was focusing on.

When in doubt choose joy and then fight to keep it!



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