Here is my journal entry from the day Scotty left for Iraq. I can still remember writing it and every single thing about that bittersweet day. 

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October 16,2004

It has been 5 days since my sweet Scotty left to go to war.  There’s no words to describe the way I felt a few days ago on October 13, 2004. Both Scotty and I spent the day with tears in our eyes. It’s such a weird feeling, we both understand our calling and know that the Lord has placed us at Ft. Lewis for HIS purpose, but my heart just broke into a million small pieces when I realized the day had finally come.

The hardest part was when Scotty had all his gear, his gun slung over his body, marching off with his men and with tears in his eyes looked over at me one last time and mouthed, “I Love You”. My heart broke.  

However, through this whole experience I have felt God’s peace and supreme strength. Scotty has been such a sweet blessing. I realize he is a gift from God. He does not belong to me, He belongs to the Lord and right now the Lord has called Scotty and I to something great. To glorify him in all circumstances and situations. I thank God today for sending Scotty into my life. 



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