It’s a day I could never forget even if I wanted to, that morning they called to tell me Scotty was seriously injured was the day that changed everything. These are my journal entries from that week. They are raw and barely pieced together, but that’s exactly how I felt. I also wrote them as a letter to Scotty, it made me feel closer to him in a time when I wasn’t even sure I would see him again. 


April 8th, 2005:

It has been a while since I last wrote. I was busy making plans for our trip to Florida. But you know what Scotty? The Lord had another journey for us. These last few days have been so hard. Jeff called me at 4:30 am and told me the news. I took it like a champ Scotty, because I know how strong you are. That had to have been the hardest phone call for Jeff to make. He was crying and so worried about you. My dad was home, so I immediately went and woke him up. I paced around the house crying. The ICU doctor called me from Balad. I talked to that doctor and it was hard to hear what he said, such hard news to take. He was so very kind to me, he passed my information along so the doctors in Germany could call me. This was a very hard night for me, I actually physically lifted my hands and gave you to the Lord. I asked the Lord to take you and let you be with him if that’s what He wanted. I know you so well Scotty, and I know that you are ready to meet the Lord.  So that was my prayer, for the Lord to hold you and do whatever He needs to do in you. But Scotty, I don’t think God is finished with you.

A day later:

I talked to Dr. Wood after you arrived in Germany and came out of surgery. He was very concerned about you and did not give me very good news.  So I went to the Lord and I lifted you up to him. I closed my eyes and saw the Lord laying at your side, I saw him sitting at your feet. I have been praying for healing strength and courage for you.  




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