Our scars are what make us

As I was getting ready for an event that Scotty and I were attending recently, at the last minute I realized I needed to lotion my very dry scaly legs. I was in a hurry and we were already two minutes late for our car. As I hurried, I looked at my legs and couldn’t believe how many scars were all over them, including a new one on my shin from my latest run-in with a shopping cart last week.

As I quickly put the lotion on, I thought about how proud of these scars I should be. Our scars are what tell our story, the real story. Nothing is perfect, nothing is exactly how we plan it, but it is part of our beautiful journey and it includes ups, downs, highs, lows, bumps, bruises and some scars. It’s all part of God’s path for us. As I looked at my scars, each one had a story; one was from a motorcycle burn in grade school, one was from knee surgery in ‘98, another scar was from when I wiped out on a speed bump while running a half marathon and another from skidding down a window frame playing hide and seek in middle school.

As Christians and as women, I think we try to cover up our scars because they show something less than lovely. The world tells us we should look pretty, act pretty and never show our flaws.  But what if the reverse was actually true? What if we chose to see true beauty in our scars because it tells our story and helps others be ok with their scars too? Are we not here to build each other up, to pray and share through struggles?

We are not here to look pretty, we are here to get dirty and beat up fighting the good fight.

We are not here to look pretty.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” 2 Timothy 4:7.  

We should show our scars and share our stories because it is through the ashes that true beauty comes, I have seen this in my own life. There are scars that we can see, then there are those that we cannot see. I have internal scars caused by incredibly difficult circumstances that I had to go through. They are scars that will never go away, but as I think back at them, those very hardships give me the courage to rise each day and thank God for the WHOLE  journey; the painful times, the struggles and the heartaches. It is through these trials that God is making me who He wants me to be.

Our life will never look perfect or pan out exactly how we want it, all that is asked of us is that we are willing vessels and that our hands, hearts and minds are ready to get a little beat up fighting the good fight.



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