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Reading has always been an outlet for me a way to escape the real world, learn and grow. I used to always carry a book around in my purse and was usually reading my way through about 2-3 different books at a time.

But as life has gotten busier, I stopped making time to read. I thought it needed to be this magical hour that was perfectly planned and organized, complete with a fire going and a glass of champagne. And while that scenario would be amazing, it is not necessary to finding time to read. I started taking note of how often I was on my phone, was I really that busy!? Part of my New Year’s resolution was to read more and scroll less.

True story, my middle son was struggling with reading. I mean he could read but had no interest in books, he would rather play a game or sneak my phone away to play on it. I realized my dependency on my phone had trickled down to him. I decided to make a conscious effort to start carrying books with me wherever I went. Instead of being on my phone during the boys swim practice I would read, if I was waiting for them during basketball practice I would reach for the book instead of my phone, I wanted my kids to see me reading.

This was not only hugely beneficial for me, but my middle child’s love of reading grew immensely. Now I bring a book in my purse wherever I go. Together we can all learn so much from reading, growing, learning and sharing it all.

This is what motivated me to start a book club with all of you! I’ve started frequenting Barnes & Noble and the library more, so when I stumbled upon Worth It, I knew it would be just the book for the first month of my book club! Here is the description, “Worth It shows women how to view money as a source of personal power and freedom—and live life on their terms.”

The day Scotty was injured was the day I took over our finances. A few months before he deployed we had a financial “discussion” and I remember yelling at him because I didn’t understand budgets at all, “so I can’t even get a slurpee at 7-11?” He reassured me that was correct, then he went to war and I took over. I had no idea what the future would hold but in an instant I was in charge of it all. It was overwhelming and scary and my idea of financial knowledge needed a lot of work. I have always felt slightly out of touch, or maybe that I don’t really understand it all and it has intimidated me. Then after we started our business, I was even more scared.  How was I supposed to keep track and balance it all? I know I am not the only woman that feels this way. The Proverbs 31 woman is a huge inspiration to me, “she considers a field and buys it and with her earnings she plants a vineyard” among many other things.  This motivates me to learn and grow in the financial part of my life.

So go pick up Worth It and we can read it together then in a couple weeks we can discuss it over on my Facebook page. I am dying to know what you all think of it! Also, remember pack it with you wherever you go you never know when an opportunity will arise to read. Read more, scroll less!

Buy Worth It right here!



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