Tiffany Smiley

When I found myself literally on the floor; broken, dizzy and feeling completely incapable; I wondered if God could ever use someone so pathetic. I was 8.5 months pregnant with my third child and it was my rock bottom, I felt truly worthless.

My life up to that point had drained me of everything, while there were so many wonderful moments after our tragedy, the weight of it all brought me to this breaking point. I was hyper-focused on everyone else and I forgot that God loved me too. It was time for me to discover who God truly created me to be, it was a reckoning point; He was calling me out of my misery. He wanted me to get out of my own way!

You guys, I had no idea the journey I would go on, all I knew was that I could not survive, or care for my family with the way things were going. It was a discovery of thoughts, a discovery of what I allow myself to believe and a discovery of who God created me to be.

Worthy, accepted, loved, capable and bold.

I look back now at my rock bottom with pure joy.  As I have journeyed along, God has given me some incredible experiences; from speaking to thousands of women, writing for national newspapers and even visiting the White House, twice! I did not do this alone, it was through months and months of hard work, sacrifice and of believing in and investing in myself.

Believing that if I’m renewed then my family and husband will be renewed as well. I started to see the power and unique abilities that God gives each and every one of us to accomplish BIG things; big things for our businesses, our families, communities and how it all adds up to big things for God.

Through it all, the thing that God used most to inspire and encourage me was the friendship of fellow women who were in the trenches, just like I was. My life had moved on to mother, caregiver, wife, and entrepreneur; and after all of it, I’d lost those crucial female relationships that feed and build us up. I needed the camaraderie and support of women back in my life.

This is exactly what’s inspired the Story by Faith event.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, an executive businesswoman, whether you’re in the middle of college or retired, I want you to live boldly and bravely.

I want you to be surrounded by a group of women that will inspire, motivate and encourage you to live how God created you to be. Your situation, your journey, your circumstances are not by accident. They are the exact story that God has designed for you: your story is powerful to make a real impact.

Tiffany Smiley, Story by Faith

In civics, business and in our own families: A woman’s voice is of undeniable value. Proven through history.  Story by Faith is six hours where we can come together, learn about the power of our minds, create tools to empower our everyday living and thinking, a place where we can focus on what is true and good.  We will journey through the lives of some of the Bible’s most prominent women to glean from their journeys and learn how to form our own stories to make an impact in our families, communities, and world.

We will start the day with some networking and icebreakers, lead into a keynote, talk about the power of our thoughts, come up with tools to keep our minds in the truth and identify areas that are personally keeping you from having faith. We will also have a panel of strong women who are creative storytellers, share and help us all develop ways that we can communicate our unique important and valued stories. We will end with networking, creating accountability partners (if desired) celebrations and champagne.

Come join me, won’t you? If you feel stuck, if you feel like something has been on your heart for a long time or you want to be more effective at home or in your community, I would love to have you come be a part of Story by Faith.

If you’re ready for a change, sign up now, space is limited.





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