For many years I tried to hide Scotty’s blindness, I didn’t want it to be true. I would think over and over, I wish he was not blind, I wish this did not happen to him. It became a subconscious pattern that stuck without me even realizing it.

I wanted life to be different. Not for Scotty but for myself, it was robbing my joy and all the “what if’s” were causing a deep discontentment in my life. I recently learned to turn this whole idea on its head, instead of wishing life was different, I asked myself, what if God trusted you with this?

What if this was God’s plan for your whole life?

What if you were standing in the way by wanting something different and being angry that your life did not go as planned.  

I’m telling you all, it was the most freeing feeling in the world to realize that God trusted me with the life He gave me. My reality is so much freer when I have perspective, believe me perspective is hard to come by, but once I was able to accept this truth, and I mean fully accept it, taking on Scotty’s blindness as my blindness, I no longer wished for something else and I have been able to apply this in my everyday life.

I noticed once I started those “what if’s”, they spiraled. If only my kids were older, I would be happier. If only my business was doing better, I would be happier…if only, if only, the fact is, you’ll get to that next stage and you’ll create more “if only’s”. Whatever your situation is, wanting kids, too many kids, teenage kids, wanting to be married, not liking your marriage. It’s like the old saying, the grass is always greener on the other side. But guess what? When you finally get to that grass you’ll find it’s not that green after all and you’ll start looking for the next patch of grass. It’s a cycle that never ends until you hold yourself accountable. There is only one way out and it’s called perspective.  

Once I changed the way I was viewing my life, I began to enjoy the little moments, I was no longer wishing; I was living, I was doing, everyday was an action and I was making a conscious effort everyday to embrace and improve.

It is there for all of us to take, It will take a measure of vulnerability but that is the first step to being courageous and finding your true happiness and joy right where you are.  

Recently while traveling, I came across a cactus and it got me thinking (crazy I know). Cacti are often annoying and many people spray them to get rid of them, because they only store and hold onto things without producing anything, never letting go, never sharing and then growing prickly pointed sharp thistles, how lonely.  Instead I want to choose vulnerability, to be open, to share, to collaborate, to never hold on too tightly, but to always be looking to grow and produce life giving words and encouragement, not prickly sharp thistles.

What are you producing today? What perspective do you need to change?



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