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I used to be so self conscious about Scotty’s blindness, I didn’t want anyone looking at us when we traveled or went out to restaurants etc. I didn’t want people to know we were different, I worked hard to make us look “normal”, but after 11 years I’ve come to a place where I have accepted that Scotty’s blindness has also become my blindness, and I’m okay with that.  

Since accepting this, a whole new carefree, adventurous and funny world has opened up for us, especially when we travel. From the outside, Scotty looks completely normal so when people see him holding my arm, they always watch us closely, when we are waiting in TSA lines he holds on to my arm and once we get to the ID check stand I hand over the ID’s and boarding passes to the agent, they always try to hand them back to Scotty, instead I grab them and hand it to Scotty, which always warrants an interesting expression. I’ve learned that this kind of stuff makes us who we are and I love it. However, this last time through the airport, I heard a TSA agent speak quietly into his radio, “suspicious couple”! I thought, oh well, a least we are keeping people on their toes.

Next comes the bathrooms. Scotty is not afraid to navigate large men’s restrooms alone, but it always brings about some interesting stories. So if there is a family restroom available, we prefer that. So, we go in together and we come out together and as we walk out I feel the stares, I know exactly what it looks like and it always makes me giggle, if only they knew our real story!

On a recent travel trip we had an early morning flight. For once, we were packed and organized the night before (and that never happens). However this time we were prepped and ready. That was until we got to security and as Scotty and I are sitting down to put our shoes on, I look over and notice he had two completely different colored shoes on! I’m like what!?!? You see, when Scotty finds a shoe he likes, he buys two pairs in different colors, well he managed to escape with a blue left and a green right. I was beside myself, but all I could do was laugh. Who knows it could be the next fad! When we got there I had our shuttle drop us off in Times Square so we could find a store and solve our problem. But after we got back to the hotel and opened his suitcase, I found that he had brought one brown shoe and one black shoe for his speaking engagement the next day! It was the trip of the mis-matched shoes! This has NEVER happened before and somehow Scotty managed to pull it off twice in one trip. It’s all good though, it was a nice reminder that life should never be taken too seriously. Also, a reminder to never get too over confident about our packing skills!

Walking on the streets of New York also brings some stares, and not because of the mis-matched shoes (because that wouldn’t be the strangest thing you’d see in NYC). People see a couple holding on to each other, connected by arms, wrists, shoulder (it changes with the navigation) up and down stairs, into and out of taxi cabs, and you know those tiny entry turnable things that are all over NYC? Well Scotty and I smoosh in together and go around and around. We have to be connected. I have realized that connected or not we make pretty good partners and the stares and looks I chalk it up to the unique story that God has given us. It’s special and ours to enjoy (no matter where we are!).




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