I’m beyond excited to announce that Virginia Kerr will be coming all the way from St. Lous to join us at Story By Faith!

She brings a wealth of knowledge in broadcasting and media, but most importantly she brings a story that we all will be able to learn from and be inspired by. Virginia has spent most of her career moving up in the media and broadcast industry. She came from a family that had a history of mental illness and depression and began to feel that was where she also belonged. She realized that while her she was having success in her career, her personal development was seriously lacking. She found herself feeling hopeless and unfulfilled.

That’s when she decided to turn her story around. She decided that she did not have to live in “that place.”  She began to work on what mattered most: her heart and her mind.

She will be sharing with us her journey in finding value, hope and a future in a hopeless place. She’s now the co-host of The Thread a talk show which airs every Saturday morning on KTVI in St Louis. The show features people sharing how they overcame their struggles and how they are using their stories to make an impact.

She will be sharing her story with us all and then will sit on the panel toward the end of the event. She will also be available for the networking, lunch, and celebrations after! You don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to hear her amazing story and mingle with such an inspiring woman. I can’t wait for you to spend time with Virginia!

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