When Scotty and I started Hope Unseen, LLC we were in the thick of it, Scotty had been blind for 5 years, we had three little babies, and were living on the other side of the US from our family.

I knew it was going to require a lot of me and we were both willing to put in the time and effort to see it grow and succeed, but about 3 years into it, I learned a valuable lesson.  I was the sole manager of the business, everything from taxes, to coordinating events, sending invoices, shipping orders I was handling it all and I began to think no one else could do this. It became my little baby, I was protective of our Hope Unseen business and I thought no one could do it as well as me.

I think as women we think we can do it all and we start to think we are the only ones that can do it, which is so far from the truth.  

I had to step away from the business as a whole for a year and we hired someone to help us. And guess what? A miraculous thing happened, our business did not fold and book orders did not stop and speaking engagements actually increased! This was a huge lesson for me. We were actually doing better by having someone help us, it was good for me to see the power in asking for help and realizing that I was not the one all be all. Your business can actually flourish and grow if you step back and let go of the controls and delegate, it’s healthy.  

This can translate into many areas of our lives whether it’s staying home with babies, running a household or caring for a sick relative. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, take a break, or step outside your situation for an hour, 24 hours or a couple days. None of us can do it alone, whether in business or womanhood.  

Stepping away allowed me to reevaluate myself, reflect and approach our business with a fresh set of eyes. I was able to put my gifts to use in the areas they were most needed and let someone else handle the other parts.  Take the time to evaluate where you are, where you can improve and where you can ask for help. YOU are never the one all be all. We are all dependent on God and one another, together we can accomplish so much more.



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