For me when I think of Veterans Day, I not only think of men and women like my husband, but I also think of the spouses and families who have sacrificed greatly for this country. We all carry the burden, the sacrifice and while each of our journeys is different, we tell the same story.

It’s hard to explain the depth and magnitude of love for our country, it’s hard to express it to others who do not know this depth of service, but I will do my best through my story. Right after Scotty was injured I remember thinking death would have been closure for me during my grief, I had to accept that there would not be closure. This would be my life until God calls me home, an infinite amount of days of waking up with the reminder that terror, tragedy, heartbreak and extra responsibility would always be on my shoulders as a military wife of a severely injured soldier.  I would not fully come to acknowledge what all this really meant until much later down the road when it literally became too much to bear.

I found myself in the scariest and most vulnerable place I had ever been, I wanted to die. I felt like it was too much to bear. My face pressed to the floor with tears pouring out of my face, the feeling of inadequacy and hopelessness flooded over me. I was paralyzed and all I could do was sit there crumpled in a ball bearing it all with no one watching, but me and my God. This was the moment I finally accepted the road ahead. It was the moment I accepted this cup of suffering, I surrendered to God, in acknowledgment and acceptance. Instantly, I was offered His gift of peace, and could truly feel the power of this scripture, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light” Matthew 11: 28-30

This was the day I gave the burden up, I asked God to carry it, it is not for me. Through this trial God showed me the power of deep sacrifice, the power of serving something bigger than yourself, for that I’m grateful. I slowly began to realize that God trusted Scotty and me with this. He has something powerful for us all to share with this world and it often comes in ways we would never have wanted or expected.   

I have too many friends who have experienced death and loss and I would assume at some point they have had to choose to accept their cup of suffering too. In some ways, this military journey of heartbreak shows the path to the light. These are families that know what service and sacrifice feel like to the core of their being. I’m honored to be some of the less than 1{09955c5b13d169fc0e50fbab311d7cb4b7f84f4af95d065179af8f7070946392} that have sacrificed greatly for this country. I wouldn’t change a thing, it grew a deep love and urgency to ensure our communities and country are preserved, protected, and our Veterans are taken care of.  



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