Tiffany’s journey has allowed her to wear many hats. She’s been a wife at home while her husband was deployed, a caregiver to an injured warrior, a nurse, a mother, a Christian in crisis and a Christian in good times, she’s an entrepreneur, media contributor and political activist passionate about making our country the best it can be.

All events call for custom speeches but here is a list of common subjects:

  • Choosing Joy in All Circumstances
  • How to Care for Others by Caring for Yourself
  • Staying Strong Through Hardship
  • The Sacrifice of Caregiving
  • Finding God in Tragedy
  • Military Life: The True Cost of Feedom
  • The Growing Divide Between our Heroes and our Public
  • How To Support Our Military Families More
  • Women Entrepreneurship and Growing a Business
  • Building a Strong Marriage Through Trials
  • Communication and Marriage
  • The Joy and Hardships of Motherhood
  • Much, much more!

She travels all over the country speaking at churches, conferences, seminars and events about all of these things and more, if you’d like Tiffany to speak at your next event, contact [email protected]!

Check out the Press page to see the national and local media outlets Tiffany has contributed to.


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